In 2013 when we arrived at the airport the energy in the air was incredible. We found ourselves in a land exploding with bright smiles, lush vegetation and with bustling fruit and vegetable vendors lining the winding streets. We were blessed to discover this country with locals as we have family who live in Phnom Penh.

On our first outing I stumbled upon the Senteurs D’Angkor Boutique. It was a canvas of vivid colours and interesting shapes accompanied by sensuous smells. I was in love… We are very proud to share these beautiful Scents of Angkor with Canada. Senteurs D’Angkor prides itself in locally sourcing all of it raw ingredients for products and packaging. In line with their philosophy of “home sourcing” most of the packaging comes from the sugar palm tree, an abundant natural and recyclable resource in Cambodia. This philospophy ensures that jobs and income stay within Cambodia helping to address the country’s poverty and reduce dependance on imports.

Senators D’Angkor employs a 110 people and provides regular work to another 100 people, mostly women from surrounding villages. 10% of the workshop staff are handicapped and all benefit from a fair salary, profit sharing, insurance and a safe pleasant working environment.