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These delightful fresh, all natural and gluten free spices from Cambodian are yours to discover. Cambodia is known to be the land of smiles. We are convinced you will be smiling too once you begin creating with Senteurs D'Angkor(Scents of Angkor) Spices. Sold Individually.

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Satay, Chili, Lemongrass, Kampot Pepper, Cinnamon, Lok Lak, Amok, Curry

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    Jarmila October 15, 2015 at 4:19 pm
    Love AMOK! First tasted it while travelling in Cambodia. Made a note to self to buy the special blend of spices needed to make this delicious dish in Canada. Of course, in all our travel frenzy, the purchase was never made. Although I searched in many speciality stores back home, it wasn’t to be until I came across Senteurs D’Angkor that we could eat this meal once again. In pretty handwoven packaging, I had found the missing ingredient to cook AMOK. In fact it’s not just one ingredient, but rather a perfect mixture of 6 specific spices that create the aroma and the savory taste. Following the recipe on the Senteurs D’Angkor site, we felt like we were back in Siem Reap. Scrumptious and easy to make – when you have all that is needed! Thank you.

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